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Adwords Miracle - How To Make $300 A/Day!

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and most of my sales have come from advertising on Google Adwords and similar advertising networks. I have never been fully satisfied with the results in terms of click through rates, cost per click and return on investment (ROI). The way I have done the writing of the Adwords campaigns have been based on the teachings of Brad Callen and his fantastic free e-book AdWords Made Easy which you can download from the link at the end of this article. While the ideas of his e-book are tried and tested and a good starting point for a rather inexperienced affiliate marketer like myself I felt it was not enough. I felt it missed something… My search for something better was on…

It was a warm summer morning, I recall, when I logged onto my computer as normal to find a mail from a friend of mine saying "Martin – you have to check this out". Since the mail actually came from a close friend, I opened it to find a letter saying that he had increased his sales and ROI by several hundred percents the last weeks because of a book he had read. Yeah, right, I said to my self and expected nothing more than an over hyped sales pitch when I clicked on the link at the bottom of the mail. And I was kind of right.

The sales page I was taken to was to the AdWords Miracle training course by Chris McNeeney.

"You're about to learn the "$300/day Adwords Secrets" that they don't want you to know about..."

Aha? Secrets? I think I have seen this kind of approach a gazillion times in the past and they have always been for over hyped, under-delivering, crap products.

So, to check out whether or not my friend was telling the truth or just trying to sell me a 97 dollar product for some quick cash, I went over to his house for coffee.

My surprise was big when he could actually show me the stats from ClickBank proving an incredible increase in sales the last few weeks, after implementing the strategies he had learned from the AdWords Miracle course. I went home but could not fall asleep. There was something bothering me… If my friend, who was a rather inexperienced online marketer, could increase his sales this much, how much more money could I earn if I followed this book?

I went out of bed, grabbed a coffee and turned on the computer. Five minutes or so later I was reading through the AdWords Miracle book. By 6:30 I had managed to go through over 100 pages and I was really eager for more. The book is about 200 pages and comes with almost an hour of training videos so I had to get some sleep before I could continue...

When all the information from the book started to sink in I felt really pleasantly surprised.

After countless new editions the book is now counting almost 100 more pages than the original and this book will actually show you how to go from broke to being the best paid man or woman in your neighbourhood. The author of this book doesn't claim to be a superstar "guru" or anything. He just deliver, right in your face, information and methods that are exactly the same he used him self to go from broke to getting paid several hundreds dollars a day.

I think there are some pages of this book that could have been removed and that only looks like fillers more or less, but the rest is brilliant.

...And it is also all backed up by alot of proof.

This book will guide you all the way from the initial set up of your first adwords account to all the small smart tricks that makes the differece in affiliate marketing.

I've read a lot of books on Adwords, some free ones and some paid ones, but I've always felt that something was missing. This book filled up most of the "holes", maybe all of them actually, and as I progressed through the book I started to feel that my knowledge on pay-per-click advertising actually improved.

This book covers all the major issues such as daily budget,keyword lists, ad writing and inactive keywords. These are issues that are too often ignored by other Adwords book authors. Another great thing about this book is that AdWords Miracle is designed to work on Google Adwords so testing the claims is very easy. If you don't believe what is in the book, or have your doubts, just test it!

AdWords Miracle is full of real life examples which makes it even more interesting. If these people can make it in online affiliate marketing, so can you! They all started out small and many of them are now big timers generating thousands of dollars a day from adwords. Chris takes you by the hand a show you step by step how to use the different techniques but it doesn't stop there. He also actually tells you WHEN to use the different techniques. In other words: When The Timing Is Right! This is not something I can recall having read in any other Adwords course or e-book, and I've gone through most of them.

One of the greatest parts of the book is what the author refer to as the "Skimming Method". Its one of those ideas you see and think why didn't I think of that! Actually, it seems like no other have thought of that either as I've never read about it before. It is a great idea that actually can take you from ZERO to 300 usd a day just by following some simple steps. I believe that this part, which is about 10 pages or so, actually could be sold a seperate book it self. That's how good it is!

To Sum It All Up...

Some of the information found in the Adwords Miracle is stuff I've read before, but I've never before seen such a complete system on how to totally RULE ADWORDS! It's not the cheapest book on the suject either, but in my opinion, it is the absolute best guide to adwords on the market today.DEFINITELY.

AdWords Miracle:

Price: 97 USD
Pages: Aproximately 200 + 50 minutes of Video.
Level: Good for both beginners and experienced Adwords users.
Compared to other books on the subject: Best Value For Money!

Here is the free e-book I promised you as well - Not as good as The Adwords Miracle, but still....:

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