Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Your Key to Success - Multiple Tier Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn a very good living from the web, but if you want to earn as much as you can then you need to know all of the best tricks to maximize your sales. Most affiliate programs will just simply pay you when you make a sale and then you have to try to find another customer to get paid again. Very simple but it takes a lot of work to earn a reasonable amount of money. If you are very good at promoting then you can leave your campaigns on auto pilot, other than checking regularly to make sure that they are still getting the right amount of sales. But it is still work that has to be taken care of and checked regularly.

Then you have residual income affiliate programs. These are where you can earn a commission on a regular basis for just making one sale. They are becoming more and more prevalent as they are very popular with affiliates and a good way to get good affiliates to sell a product. These are usually for things that the customer buys on an ongoing basis such as web hosting, or a monthly membership site where the customer keeps on paying month after month and so you keep on getting you commission every monthly, even though you only made one sale. This is obviously a much better way of making a good residual income as you do not have to constantly sell to get paid.

But there are also affiliate programs that will let you, as well as making your own sales, also sign up others to work as affiliates. You then get a percentage of all of the money that they make. So if you manage to find very good affiliates that make a lot of sales, you can make a good living by getting paid, not only for your own sales, but also for those of the affiliates that you signed up to the program. This can give you a very good residual income as well as your usual affiliate commission.

Other affiliate programs offer commission for multiple levels, some even 10 levels deep. Even though some of these types of affiliate programs have a bad reputation they are the ones that will bring you the most money in the long run. Just make sure you choose carefully! With multiple affiliate programs you will benefit not only just for your own sales and the sales of your directly enrolled affiliates but also for the people that sign up below your affiliates, and your affiliates affiliates and your affiliates affiliates affiliates … etc… got the point? This is the key to long term residual income. I have spent more than 10 years online promoting different affiliate programs and if I should give you a tip on which affiliate programs to choose I would say it would be smart to go for a company that have a long track record. SFI, Empowerism and Success University are some of the best I’ve found and they have been around for long time now.

Good Luck!

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